Moments of Stillness
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I'd like to share with you a series of videos in which nothing much happens. The online world is full of things demanding our attention and these videos could be seen as yet another thing, but on the other hand, you could use them as an opportunity to take a break from the bustle, perhaps even for meditation.

The benefits of meditation, including reduced stress and and improved focus, are well known, but like physical exercise, it can feel challenging to get started. There are many different ways of meditating - like "sport", it's a family of activities, rather than a single type of exercise, and just as taking a short walk is better than sitting on the sofa all day, taking ten minutes out of your day to rest your mind is better than keeping it active and busy all of the time.

Like the traditional candle flame, these videos can help by providing a point to focus on. Let your mind relax as you watch these gently moving scenes. As thoughts arise in your mind, let them drift off again as you bring your attention back to the scene before you. If those thoughts tend to be, "I mustn't forget..." you could have a notebook to hand to jot them down so you don't worry about them, and then bring your attention back to the video again.

Of course, you could just enjoy watching the vdeos without thinking of it as meditation at all. All of these videos are shot simply, from a single camera position, without editing afterwards. You see them as I saw them at the time.